Bible Blitzes…

The Bible and other cultures…

This class will explore the major cultures of Egypt, Mayans, Babylon and Rome just to name a few and study the cultural connections and interactions with God’s people using and studying of archaeology.

What is your view of God? 


This class will break through the tradition filters that we have about God and give you an understand of God that will impact you to your core…

The Whole Counsel of God


How did people live to be over 900 years old? Creation vs Evolution, Why is Christianity the only way? What is the finger prints of The Holy Spirit?

Who is God? Christ? Holy Spirit? … Outside of tradition? Where did God come from? How do we know God exist?

This class answers the fundamental questions about the Christian faith, and will set you on a path to discover just how unique and inspired The Bible really is.

(Class times and dates TBA)

The Mountainside is a Biblical Studies library, located at 633 South Hawley Rd. Suite 114

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Library Hours:
Sunday by Request Only
You may reserve The Captive Project Library for Bible study or meetings, by calling…

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