Summarization report

What We Do

   Our Mission is to innovatively go into urban areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the deliberate intention of making disciples and facilitating unity with cooperating churches; creating bridges that link Suburban and urban churches for the Glory of Christ, through various ministries of…

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Cultural Reconciliation

Our story

The Captive Ministry was started in 2007 after a violent and tragic summer in Milwaukee. Moved with a passion to see lives, families, and neighborhoods experience the lasting change that comes through relationship with Christ, the Lord called Richard and Aurelia Brown to start The Captive Project.

The work started by using summer outreaches as a way to reach the communities and assist churches with building relationships within their communities—and since 2007, both urban and suburban churches have partnered together, to host these events. Although The Captive Project now facilitates a number of initiatives in addition to the outreaches, the vision remains the same, to see Christians united to transform lives and cities for the Glory of God for the purpose of fulfilling the mission of Christ.

Our Successes

Since 2007, The Captive Project has…

  • …hosted over 71 Outreaches
  • …served over 30,000 people through outreaches
  • …built partnerships with urban churches and suburban churches
  • …hosted 26 STATIC Nights, attended by over 1,000 individuals
  • …hosted 30 Bible Boot camps
  • …hosted Bible Blitzes (Weekend Bible Conferences)
  • …hosted Prison Bible Blitzes
  • …hosted cultural reconciliation panel discussions
  • …40 ongoing discipleship relationships established
  • …H.O.P.E.Fest 72 hours of prayer gathering

The Key to our Success
The Captive Project devotes a minimum of 3 1/2 to 5 years to each individual who desires discipleship. We currently hold ongoing discipleship relationships with over 40 individuals.

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